All About Country Style Foods is a leading family owned bakery in the United Kingdom. It is a modern craft bakery company using the latest technology and working closely with leading retailers and the food service industry across the UK. The Woods family is behind this operation. The family has been involved in flour milling and the bakery trade for more than 150 years in the country. Country Style Foods expanded in the early 1960s from a single style bread shop to more than 5 large industrial sites. Today, the company specializes in high volume production of high quality bakery products. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Country Style Foods. has a proven track record for innovation and adapting to the latest demands of their consumers. The bakery industry has gone through numerous changes during the past decade or so. Today, there is more demand for breads with a foreign pedigree. Focaccia, rye, sourdough, ciabatta and baguettes are all breads that are having a foreign pedigree. In fact, these breads are best sellers in most of the supermarkets, food service retailers and bread shops of today. The customer can find all these products and much more in the product line of Country Style. This is why there are so many consumers providing positive reviews and testimonials for the company. In fact, the internet is filled with numerous forums and discussion boards talking highly about the wide variety of products offered by the company. is renowned for operating comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management Systems in providing their service to the consumer. The company is approved to the BRC standards. This is why they are considered one of the best bakery shops in the United Kingdom. The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of Country Style Foods.