Susan Malahleka – Life Coach Extraordinnaire

When Susan Malahleka left home at the age of 15 she was not aware of the journey that she would be taking – a journey of self exploration and one that has seen her provide both inspiration and skills to many who transition from a life in the private sector to one in the public.

It is these people who Susan Malahleka has chosen to help – and at the same time allow them to reach out and fulfill their dreams of making a real difference to the lives of others.

With a rich and varied experience in a variety of public service sectors including children’s services as well as in independent social care and services has a long history of providing support for government initiatives.

The author of several well respected papers and books on numerous social issues affecting children and other sectors of society Susan Malahleka has become an authority on some of the most thorny and complex issues facing the society of the 21st century.

A frequent guest on radio programs across the United Kingdom Ms. Malahleka is today focused on proving life coaching services to executives, management, women of color and other parties who want to reach the pinnacles of personal performance. has also not lost her passion for providing the youth with the self confidence and other tools of self actualization that are required for them to make their way in the world. Through a structured series of e-coaching and telephonic sessions, as well as face to face interventions Ms. Malahleka is able to guide young adults through the often challenging transition through higher education and on towards the workplace where effective project management skills are often the difference between success and failure.

Using an advanced skill set, as well as master’s level educational qualifications, as well as a vast depth of experience Susan Malahleka has striven (and succeeded) in making a real difference to people across a broad spectrum of society.

With a philosophy that, (in her own words) revolves around a commitment to ‘personal integrity’ and communication her approach has proved a resounding success with the many individuals whose life she has touched in some many different ways.

As one of her clients enthused ‘”You are one of the few people who expect more of me, than I do myself. Thanks for that extra push I needed.’